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I recommend Holdem.

Texas Holdem is a brain sport.

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The social sports game "Spoiler Korea" unexpectedly unveiled the community board game "바둑이사이트" on Friday. On the first day of the opening, users were so enthusiastic that they began to check due to the sudden increase in access that they heard from team leader Seo Moon-hyun, who is in charge of development.

Q: Why did you develop a rather strange game called Texas Holdum, which everyone knows about poker?
A: The 'Texas Holdum' requires a high level of psychological warfare to calculate and predict the situation of your hand (hand loss), the rate and betting ratio of your opponent. It is considered a brain sports game because it has big fun elements such as Go and Janggi and can make various play patterns.

Q: What's the advantage of HTML5 being unfamiliar to Korean users?
A: HTML5 reacts to a variety of devices (PCs, tablets, mobile, etc.) to support optimal form and to play games built in WebGL for new interactions. Users can easily access all the games and contents of Spoiler Korea without installation.

Q: Is there a particular reason why there is no chatting in the game and only emoticons?
A: It's a PVP format, so having a chat window can cause a variety of conflicts and problems. Texas Holdum is designed to use emoticons to describe the status of the current user to reduce interference outside of play.





Q: Still, there's a preconceived notion that playing poker is gambling, and is there a way to overcome it?
A: I'd rather play than gamble. I think it's a gamble if you play beyond the legal standard as a kind of fire that has a value that can be converted into money. Spoiler Korea's "선시티게임" has passed the review by the Game Management Committee in compliance with all legal standards, so please feel at ease and enjoy it.

Q: Can you tell us about the direction of future games or 'Spoiler Korea' games?
A: In addition, Korean card game Low Go is preparing a total of three board games, including the Korean folk game of Nagawa. After completing the app version, you will be able to play on all platforms, so please look forward to the upcoming 'Spoiler Korea' game.
Seo Moon-hyun and Texas Holdham of Spoil Korea, who boasted that they would show the essence of the legal board game. Let's look forward to the future of whether to show new standards for online board games.