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I recommend Holdem.

HOLDEM TIP: Necessity to Win Hold


Select Table

Most players don't know that they make the most important choices in the game before sitting at the table. 바둑이사이트 is a game of probability analysis using careful psychology, but the most important thing before that is to avoid natural enemies.

In other words, there is always someone who is at odds with me because each person has different styles and values. Zhuge Liang said, "If you look weak, attack. If you look strong, attack the back." You don't have to play together at a sitting table. Observe who my enemy is and who my meal is and choose the table. This is the most important first element of poker.

the value of my handle
Trump cards have a total of 52 cards. There are a total of 169 cases in which he can receive two cards using 52 cards. Then naturally, the ranking can be divided from No. 1 to No. 169. I need to get two starting cards and know how many I have to hold. If I have AA, I can easily solve the play considering the position because I am the overall number one. At Poker Strategy, the world's largest online poker school, I'm a high-end coach.This is the standard of COM.

*Very strong hands: AA, KK, QQ / AKs, AKo.
Middle hands: Ajo, ATs, Ato, KQs, KQo.
Highly advantageous hands: 88 - 22 / KJ, KT, QJ, QT, JT, T9.
Strong hands: JJ, TT, 99 / AQs, AQo, AJs

Make your own standards based on this.
Of course, the answer varies depending on the situation and the answer may be an exception.




3>Place Play
Usually eight people sit around the table. The board changes every time the card turns left. The dealer buttons move one column to the left. On the left side of the dealer are small and big, and there is an order in which the first bet is called Under the Gun. Generally divided into all positions, intermediate positions, ratio positions, and blind spots, which play a very important role in holding. The later you act, the better because you can react to the other person's actions.

The more conservative they are in the alliance, the more careful they should be and careful because they can suffer great losses from small mistakes. On the other hand, they can easily steal the blinds or play games depending on their opponent's behavior. The importance of position play has to do with not making fun of too many hands, most of which are better to play only 2-3 out of 10. Two of those ten are in a good position.

4> Bank store management
Amateurs underestimate the money needed to play poker for a long time. Money that can be lost to play poker and used for games is called "bank business." Poker is inherently unstable. So if you run for three to four hours, you'll mostly lose or win. So as an amateur, remember to start the game with very low spirits to get a sense of the game and minimize the loss.

Due to the nature of Koreans, many players are self-destructed because of their failure to manage banks. When an opponent makes a strong bet, he tends to attack, "Okay, let's see who wins!" This bet failed to manage the bank register. It's like two sheep banging on a cliff. Of course, if I'm a matchmaker, I could boldly double-up. But wait if you have enough money.

Ted Williams, the legendary hitter in Major League Baseball, said. "I only swing the bat when a good ball comes."

Be patient. refrainment
Patience is directly related to banking. The nature of poker, often referred to as Buddhist help and poker patience, is the main pillar of patience.

Players must have good hands, good games, and self-control to wait for the right opportunity. Self-restraint means not playing in games where a player does not have an advantage, not using a handle that can cause problems, properly managing money, and learning from mistakes. It is very important for a player to control and not tilt his or her emotions all the time. In any case, you should not play when you are drunk, tired or emotionally disturbed. Players must also continue to check their concentration.

Amateurs think that when playing poker, professionals need special and complex skills, not general skills. Knowing the previous rules, however, is enough to have calm and self-control.

luck and rhythm
Ironically, luck certainly circulates. I dare say this is an invisible truth. That is, it is important to ride the rhythm as if there is no big difference between good luck and bad luck. When we watch soccer, we often see the team lose 2:0. He scores one goal and immediately ties the score. This is the rhythm.

Most Mistakes by Beginners

excessive bravado

They believe 바둑이게임 is a bluff, and think that if they keep betting, everyone will get sucked into it, but the reality isn't. Habit bravado is easy to spot.
Participate in games beyond solvency

Nothing is more damaging to confidence than gambling with unresolved money.